Technological, restless and audacious


Cortex was born from a
combination of three variables

First, the passion for building highly innovative technology for capturing and analysing data. Second, the restlessness of experienced, highly analytical market professionals who were obsessed with solving marketing and companies sales problems. Finally, the audacity of working to build a large and scalable data intelligence product company.

After ten years, in all modesty, we are proud to say that we have built an enviable portfolio of clients and are absolute reference in the area. We are supported by the best investors and partners, and we also have the largest and most qualified team of professionals in the industry.

Our three first variables remain the same. ; - )


Investors and support





Product, sales and customer success


Edifício Mantiqueira, Rua do
Carmo, 8 - 4º andar - Centro

San Paulo

Sales and customer success


Edifício Spazio JK Av. Juscelino
Kubitschek 1726 - 51 - Itaim Bibi


Sales and customer success


Rua Alexandre Herculano 25,
4º, Lisboa

San Francisco



2120 University Ave,
Berkeley, CA



We are analytical. We are restless when willing to solve a business problem. We give the best to our customers. We are passionate about technology. We have cutting-edge graduation and wide experience in our area. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun in the meantime. We are friends, sincere and we do not like politics. Our company grows fast and we learn and evolve even faster.

If you have our same skills, please send us your resume. We are often hiring for key areas: technology, product, sales and customer success.

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